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Our Sister Church in The Ukraine

Please Pray for The Ukraine, and Our Sister Church In Kalinovka



Some 14 years ago, First Covenant Church adopted the village of Kalinovka, Ukraine, along with National Missionary, Pastor Igor Zadorozhnaya.   Kalinovka is located less than an hour from Kiev.  Over the course of three years the only Church in the village was constructed by First Covenant work teams.  Since that time, Pastor Igor and this baby congregation has “birthed” three more Churches in other villages, yet further from Kiev.

Pastor Igor along with other believers were a part of the recent, horrific happenings in Kiev – manning prayer tents and helping the Red Cross.  They willingly put themselves in harm’s way to help others and stand for freedom in their country.

When First Covenant first went to Ukraine, it had recently won its independence from Russia.  The country was in a terrible state of poverty.  Over the course of these some 14 years, tremendous changes had taken place in the country with its people experiencing new freedoms.

One of these freedoms is to be able to worship openly.    During the time of Communism, the Church was forced to go underground.  One of the many fears of these believers is that going back under the control of Russia may cost them the freedom of worship.  Under the control of Russia, millions were literally starved to death – members of our Sister Church lived through that nightmare.  You can imagine their fears now.

Our fellow believers in Ukraine have prayed daily that God would give them “God-fearing” leaders.  The Head of Parliament and acting President until the elections in May is a Baptist believer, personally known by our friends.  They rejoice that God has answered their prayers and ask that we stand with them in prayer during these frightening days.  They are meeting daily in the Churches to pray.